Playlist + October 12, 2020

Music from Reverse, The Freqs, Atwater Punx, Jenee Halstead, Ex-Hyena, Parlour Bells, Radio Compass, StrangeColorSky, The Jacklights, KCUF, The Information, Dambuilders, Songs of the Week from RoseR, Jazzmyn RED, Motel Black, The Shang Hi Los, Salem Wolves and The Daily Pravda recorded live on Boston Emissions

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Songs of the Week

1] RoseR – Rot

2] Jazzmyn Red – We Gon Make It

3] Motel Black – PPB

4] Shang Hi Los – Sway Little Player

5] Salem Wolves – Titanium

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Reverse – Yeah Yeah Yeah

The Freqs – Milestone
-from the North Shore 
Full EP available on all streaming on 10/30

Atwater Punx – Drums of Death 

Jenee Halstead – Heart Light from new record, Disposable Love

Ex-Hyena – Shade
-new duo, Reuben Bettsak (Emerald Comets, Guillermo Sexo) and Bo Barringer (Future Carnivores, Me & Joan Collins); video out on Tues, Oct 13

Parlour Bells – The Ballad of Felix Moncla

Radio Compass – Run With You

StrangeColorSky – Glass

The Jacklights – Productive Member of Society
Virtual EP release, Tues Oct 13

KCUF – Red Red Red
-from Lowell
-Ken and Chris’s Undecided Franchise

Blocktober! Three from Mistakes We Knew We Were Making, released February 2005

The Information – I Love Trouble 

The Information – Getting Even

The Information – Simple Plan

Dambuilders – Burn This Bridge

PLUS, The Daily Pravda recorded live on Boston Emissions


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