Boston Emissions: October 12, 2018

Boston Emissions Songs of the Week | Top Five!

5 (tie)] Birnam Wood – Richard Dreyfuss
from Wicked World, out Nov 19, 2018/
-Nov 23 at O’Brien’s Allston with Sundrifter, Leather Lung

5] Stars Like Ours – Everyday

4] Major Moment – How Would You Know?

3] Justine and the Unclean – Be Your Own Reason

2] Radio Compass – Going Gone

1] FiDEL – Therapy

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Boston Emissions | October 12, 2018

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Petty Morals – Let’s Go (Cars cover)
-Friday, Oct 12 at Opus Salem

Watts – Queens
-Fri, Oct 19 at Thunder Road, Somerville with Sidewalk Driver, Justine and the Unclean

New Video!

When Particles Collide
– Lay My Body Down from Fade To Gold, Oct 2018

Exit 18
– Broken Bones
-Thurs, Oct 18 at ONCE Somerville with Parlour Bells, Stars Like Ours

Duck and Cover
– Live It Up from Rob Them, 2018

Dori Cameron and the Invisible Monsters – Sorry He’s A Psychopath
–Sat, Dec 15 with Street Dogs, Slapshot at Brighton Music Hall, Allston

Forktie – Anywhere But Here
–Jan 18 at O’Brien’s Allston with FiDEL, Knock Over City

Junior Classics – Shade

Tigerman Woah – Do It All Again, 2018

Scruffy The Cat – You Dirty Rat from Boom Boom Boom Bingo, 1987 — a true Boston Classic

Seminal Boston roots-pop-cowpunk band, lead by Charlie Chesterman; band was most active from 1984-1990. StC played the 1985 Rock & Roll Rumble at Spit (semifinals at Metro), went to semifinals along with Bamboo Gang, Chain Link Fence, the FUs, Life On Earth, The Souls; Down Avenue was victorious that year with Adventure Set in second place.

Mister Vertigo – The Official Ironmen Rally Song (GBV cover)

Lonely Leesa and the Lost Cowboys – Stayed

Pixies – Velouria

Phenomenal Sun – Sundrowned

Charming Disaster – Be My Bride of Frankenstein
–Brooklyn Emission*, new show feature to look at other music cities across the country
*working title

Set Fire – Vincent Price’s Right

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Big week…..

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