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Boston Emissions Summer Sessions: DJ⚡️VJ, music video power hour on ONCE VV

Long gone are the days of V66, Much Music, and MTV. We spent hours watching The Basement Tapes and 120 Minutes (if these references elude you, I am sorry). DJ VJ (aka me), the new music video power hour airing on the ONCE Virtual Venue, debuted on June 11. Thanks to Bridget, JJ, Oliver, James, and the team there, we are off to a good start and I am preparing more to air soon. Maybe it’s a thing, who knows? Send produced music videos.

Episode One, 6/11/20

The Grownup Noise – Lonely Days

Miss Geo – Techo Entry

SteadyState – Slider

Happy Little Clouds – Beneath

Square Ape – Why Us

Best Not Broken – Kids

Shea Rose – Black Boys On Mopeds

Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys – Kingdoms and Castles

PowerSlut – Hot Tub Wingman

Lord Felix – The Worst Summer Ever

Airport – Slow Fade

Edridge Rodriguez – Your Dead Boyfriend (with Sarah Borges)

The Del Fuegos – Don’t Run Wild
-all the way from 1985 | NIVA | ONCE Fund

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