Crowned! Rock & Roll Rumble 2023 Wraps With Many Wins

That’s one for the books! The return of the Rock & Roll Rumble was fierce, beating out our own records with packed nights of happy faces. What more could you ask for? Finals saw three stellar bands go head-to-head in what has been best described as a Friendship Faceoff. The band rumored to be the favorite among some internet scuttlebutt took it all home by the end. Salem, Mass pop with a punch of punk, or is it  punk with a punch of pop? Whatever the case, it gets you in the gut. ONE FALL takes the crown.

Jim Healey from Set Fire – The Rumble’s longest reigning champs (since 2019) – did the honors of bestowing the crown to its new keepers – Helen McWilliams, Caleb Wheeler, Phill Hunt (our resident Brit), and borrowed bass player (he’s regularly seen in OH, THE HUMANITY!), Kyle Paradis – who got more than a few Steve Harris comments.

ONE FALL, 5/6/23 at Sonia, Cambridge | Photos by Coleman Rogers

Rock & Roll Rumble 2023 grand finale event!

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